5 big challenges before Infosys’ new CEO Salil Parekh

Infosys Ltd, India’s second largest Information Technology services tycoon has its sixth CEO in its 36-year of history. Salil Parekh is the second non-founder CEO hired at the company after an astringent time by his antecedent Vishal Sikka. Parekh assumes a  company with several serious dominance including high fringe, a large customer and employee base. He also has several immediate challenges. Here are the top five:

a. Customer Outreach: While services contracts are typically spread over several years and there is no immediate danger, customers are usually wary when vendor firms undergo conflict. Parekh’s first priority is to talk to basic client and encourage them that everything is an unobjectionable and he is in regulation of the situation.

b. Working relationship with Founders: Vishal Sikka was felled by his lack of a good relationship with the founders. The founders might hold only a small percentage (about 12%) of the company but cast a long obscurity on the company’s working.

c. Improve Employee Morale: All the recent confusion has left employees with low morale. He needs to encourage them that they and the company has a intense future.

d. Strategy: Parekh will also need to review strategy and come to a cessation whether he wants to chart a different program from what Sikka laid out or move faster on the same direction.

e. Restore Stakeholder Trust: Infosys for long was seen as a pacemaker for corporate governance, a reputation which took a strong beating in the recent quarrel. He will have to talk to other stakeholders including investors, analysts and market watchers on restoring company’s stature.

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