For Allotment Of Equity Shares

For Alteration In AOA

For Alteration In Object Clause In MOA

For Annual General Meeting

For Appointment Of Director

For Appointment Of New Auditor

For Appointment Of Secretary Of The Company

For Approal Of Accounts And Various Resolutions

For Calling AGM

For Closure Of Bank Account

For Closure Of Member Register

For Finalization Of Book Of Accounts

For Fresh Issue Of Shares

For Further Allotment Of Shares

For Giving Authority For Legal Matters

For Introduction Of New Set Of Articles

For Issue Of Duplicate share certificate

For Making Listing Agreement With The Company

For Opening New Bank Account

For Presenting Half Yearly Unaudited Balance Sheet

For Retirement Of Director For Personal Reasons

For Right Issue Of Shares

For Transfer Of Registered Office

For Transfer Of Shares

Minutes Of First AGM

Minutes Of First Board Meeting

General Notice Of interest By Directors US 184

Retirement By Rotation Of Directors

Delegate Power To Borrow Loan From Bank

For Increasing Remuneration Of Auditors