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Dear Sir / Madam,


Turnover of a company is more than 5 crore, GSTR 1 and GSTR 3B filled for FY 18-19, but forget to update the HSN Summary throughout the year.


What will be the consequence, is there any opportunity to update the HSN summary for FY 18 - 19.


Please help me in this regard.

Failure to furnish the HSN Summary in GST Returns is not punishable with in the specific penalty provisions of CGST Act. In my opinion, the failure to furnish HSN Summary could be due to clerical mistake, technical issues or can be termed as unintentional act. Mere non furnishing of HSN Summary doesn't constitute the Failure for the purpose of tax evasion or falsification. Generally, GSTIN Network has opted the Liberal Approach in the initial phases of its implementation. It might not be an issue. However, if it is being taken by the STO or CTO, than you may please respond to the proper officer specifying your bonafide and unintentional acts.

At last resort, the Penalty up to Rs. 25000/- could be leviable u/s 125 of CGST Act. But that situation may not arrive.

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