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What was the purpose of GST, and what're the implications of abolishing GST?


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Just wondering if someone out there could Temp Mail shine a light on the GST situation in Malaysia, and how it impacts 10 Minute Mail the everyday consumer and the business owners. Lorem Ipsum

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  • Yesterday I was making a purchase online and I saw an option to enter GST ID. When I entered the GST ID, the price changed to price without GST. How does this work? I was under the impression that GST will be collected, but I can later claim it. But if the they are not collecting GST, then when is it collected?
  • Can CA's of India guide how to deal with GST/Income Tax when income is from Freelancing work (We Raise invoice), Affiliate & Ads (Adsense, etc.)(Where we do not raise invoice they pay based on clicks or leads) where money is paid from Out of India or India? What if we are an individual or company? Xvideos Additional questions: What if income is above 20 lakhs? (what is min turnover limit for GST requirement? and how to calculate that turnover?) Xnxx What if income is from mixed india + abroad source? (will the foreign income be exempted from limit or it will be calculated too) What if all income is just from outside of India? Chaturbate What if we have formed company now (LLP or Pvt Ltd) but some income comes in our personal, can we somehow transfer it into company legally?
  • Dear Sir / Madam, Turnover of a company is more than 5 crore, GSTR 1 and GSTR 3B filled for FY 18-19, but forget to update the HSN Summary throughout the year. What will be the consequence, is there any opportunity to update the HSN summary for FY 18 - 19. Please help me in this regard.

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