Apr 13

My employer didn't withhold federal tax(besides SS/Fica, will there be a penalty?

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I did the Disney College Program in Florida and my father told me not to have taxes withheld during my program. I earned about $5k there and he is shocked to learn that I didn't have my taxes withheld. My total income for the year is about $8k. I was wondering if there will be any penalty from the IRS since I make under $12k?

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Please elaborate the transactions remitted to India. Need clarifications, whether you are regular assessee in India and Details of FY, Return Filing Status, your residential status and the account type in which remittance made.

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  • Hello guys. Can someone experienced provide me brief idea about what to do and how much to pay what ever. I don't wanna ask to my accountant before getting some info because he will cost me. Last year I got around $200K from a friend to my corporation. I got $260 from a lender and I bought a house from foreclosure auction for the total of $460K. My corp owns the house now. I spent a lot for repairs and the payments to the lender. Total spending is around, let's say, $200K. Now I'm selling the house for $860K. So the income for this year will be that amount. All the spending was made in last year so I think I can't deduct them from this years tax. Am I going to pay full income tax over $860K this year? I don't know anything about this kind of house selling income tax. Do I pay taxes for this to NY and IRS? What about NYC? I'll pay the lend ($260K) back this year. Maybe I can deduct it. Can I?
  • For 2017, my daughter stayed over my house for more than half of the year, and since is an agreement on our divorce, I'm allowed to claim her every odd year. My tax preparer put me as HoH but now the IRS is stating that I do no xvideos qualify for HoH and I need to return those funds back. How can I go about this? What proof, other than a list of exactly what nights she stayed over, can I provide to the IRS to be able to stay as HoH for that year. Also, part of our custodial agreement is 50/50 but I'm the non-custodial xxx parent. xnxx
  • I posted something similar on a Canadian thread but maybe I'll have more luck here. I am currently a 19 year old Canadian but am a dual citizen of the U.S as well. Last Scrabble Word Finder November I tried investing in Tangerine non-registered Investment Funds (mutual funds) and realized I got Solitaire myself into a huge mess, because now I think I have to file form 8621, the FBAR, and I don't even know what. If anyone could help me out a little bit that'd be great because I'm a college student and I really don't have the money that cross-border accountants want (almost 2.5k!) so I'm trying real hard to do this myself. Speed Test

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