EPFO introduces Email mechanism to obtain e-Sign

The Compliances of EPF like KYC attestation, transfer claim attestation etc are being done online by the authorized persons of employers using their Digital Signatures (DSC) or Aadhaar based E-Signs on EPFO portal. For using DSC/e-Sign, one time approval from Regional Offices is required. Due to lockdown, many employers are facing difficulties to send the one time registration requests to the Regional Offices.

Therefore, In order to provide the relief to the employers and EPF members adversely impacted by the Pandemic, EPFO has decided to further ease the Compliance procedure by accepting the one time registration requests through email also. Employer can send the scanned copy of duly signed request letter to the concerned Regional Office through E-mail. Official email addresses of the Regional Offices are available at www.epfindia.gov.in .

Further, such establishments, whose authorized officers have approved digital signatures but are not able to locate the dongle, can login to the employer portal and register their e-sign through the link for registration of already registered authorized signatories. If their name against the approved digital signature is same as that in their Aadhaar, the registration of e-sign will not require any further approval. Other authorized signatories can register their e-signs and send the request letters approved by the employers and seek approval of the concerned EPFO Offices.

Source: www.pib.gov.in

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