Ministry of Corporate Affairs have started DIR-3 KYC form from previous year for Validation and Verification of DIN Holder. DIR-3 KYC form can be downloaded from Downloads section. Every individual having DIN is required to file DIR-3 KYC annually to the Central Government on or before 30th April of next Financial Year.

Effects of Non- filing

Normal Fees for DIR-3 KYC is Rs. 500/-. If the form is not filed, then MCA system will mark the respective DIN “Inactive” for Non-Filing of DIR-3 KYC. As a result of it DIN holder cannot file any form on MCA Portal. To convert Inactive DIN to Active DIN, Penalty of Rs. 5000 is levied.

Even if a DIN holder is not a Director or Partner in a Company/firm, he has to file the Form to keep his Active.

Requirement of DIR-3 KYC

Documents required for Form:

1. Proof of Permanent address

2. Copy of Aadhaar Card

3. Copy of Passport

4. Copy of Pan Card

All documents to be certified by:

Practicing Company Secretary or;

Practicing Chartered Accountant or;

Practicing Cost Accountant;

DIR-3 KYC Filing

DIR-3 needs to be filed every year by DIN holder to keep his DIN status Active.

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